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International Export Factoring

Prompt financing of accounts receivable leading to working asset replenishment

through two-factor system FCI

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Factoring is an effective tool for financing the business of suppliers and manufacturers

Factoreal offers a multitude of financial services fulfilling the need for additional financial resources from the moment of invoicing to the term of the invoice payment. Business development will benefit greatly from necessary cash flow resulting in faster capital turnover.

Increase the amount of your company's free funds

Offer your customers profitable payment terms

We will monitor the fact of payment receipt

Increase liquidity of working assets

Protect yourself against the risks of having unpaid bills


Up to 90% of the invoice


Up to 90 days


100% in more than
90 countries


No collateral

Prompt financing

We transfer the required amount while the bank considers your application. Application processing takes 5 or more days.


About Us

Factoreal is the only company in Latvia specialising in international factoring. Factoreal is a part of Factors Chain International — a global factoring network that unites over 400 leading factoring companies in more than 90 countries worldwide.

Member of FCI

Do your business,
not finance seeking!

Factoring from Factoreal will allow you to minimise financial risks, boost sales volumes, enter new markets followed by an acquisition of additional market share.


Understandable terms of cooperation and agreements with no fine print

Convenience and availability

You can provide most of the documents signed digitally


Our key advantage is accuracy and teamwork

How to get funding?

After receiving a factoring application, Factoreal sets the factoring limit to the buyer, followed by a factoring contract signing with Factoreal (and a sales contract with the buyer, if it is not already concluded). Your company should inform the buyer about the procedures involved.

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